LM Massage Therapy


Lindsay Moss BSc. DARM RMT DSM IHM OSM SMTO – Massage Therapist

Qualifications: Advanced Remedial and Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Indian Head Massage, On-site Chair Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Active Isolated Stretching, Neuro-Dynamics and Myofascial Kenesiology Taping. She is a full member of the SMTO (Scottish Massage Therapist Organisation).

Her clients include:

  •  Members of the Italian Rugby Team
  •  French Rugby Team
  •  SRU’s Edinburgh Rugby Team
  •  New Zealand Touch Rugby Team
  •  England Touch Rugby Team
  •  Racing Metro 92 Rugby Team
  •  World Transplant Games Gold Medalist and World Record Holder
  •  Professional Dancers
  •  Fife Civil Service Football Club
  •  Amateur Golfers

Originally from Dorset, Lindsay moved to Scotland in 2008. She is a keen sportswoman and has captained her county hockey team, been a professional sailor and watersports instructor. On moving to Scotland she has developed a passion for climbing, surfing and hiking. Lindsay has experienced the benefits of massage first hand and is enthusiastic in promoting the ability of massage to improve circulation, reduce pain and anxiety, aid relaxation and healing time.


Bill Foreman – Massage Therapist

Qualifications: Swedish Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage,  Hands Free Massage, On-Site Massage, Advanced Slavic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Remedial and Sports Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Natural Face Lift, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage.

Established BTC Massage Therapies in 2005 after spending over 20 years in education and training in Aberdeen. A Diploma in Swedish Massage was very quickly followed by courses in Aromatherapy, On-site, Slavic and Indian Head massage. At the same time, having been a very enthusiastic modern jive dancer and having competed in a number of national competitions, winning several titles, he also took over the teaching of a local modern jive class.

He is the only licensed Slavic Massage Tutor in Scotland and when teaching the courses he tries to stress the need for therapists to move continuously around the couch allowing for a much more fluid and rhythmical sweeping massage. In this regard he has found that dancing really helps the pace and movement of the massage and partly explains why clients enjoy Slavic and Lomi Lomi massages so much. Touch and communication are vitally important so he listens not only to what a client says but to how their body responds to touch and adapts the massage accordingly.