LM Massage Therapy

CORE Fascial Release

Coax Order Restore Energy

This treatment was designed by Noah Steven Karrasch. His description of this is as follows;

“Practitioners of this CORE work are dedicated to unwinding fascial restrictions and holding of old trauma — physical, mental, emotional, chemical and energetic. We believe any old trauma can be stored in the body and inhibit freedom and movement, causing pain, illness and further lack of movement. As we work with clients, we partner with them to create freedom, movement, breath, and health in their systems.”

It focuses client awareness on deep layers of connective tissue called fascia. It calls for intensive active client participation through breath and movement. Work along side the therapist to facilitate and evoke a change within the client body. A holistic appraoch is taken through assessment and treatment.

Lindsay is a CORE Level III Fascial Release Bodyworker.

For more information please see www.corefascialrelease.com