LM Massage Therapy

Corporate Massage

Healthy Employees = A Healthy Business

It has become apparent that the physical stresses the body is put under whilst in the work environment (be that driving a HGV or sat in front of a computer) can vary immensely, from muscle tension, repetitive strain injuries to postural problems.

LM Massage Therapy Corporate Massage seeks to treat any injuries, aches and pains to enable individuals to reach their full potential both professionally and personally through a range of de-stressing and empowering therapies.

Corporate Massage Objectives:

  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Improve moral

Besides minor illness, the major causes of short-term absence for non-manual workers are stress, musculoskeletal injuries & back pain.  Workplace absence stands at 8 days per employee, costing the average employer £666 per employee per year*

The Corporate Massage package can be individually tailored to your business’s needs with an on-site, simple and cost effective way to reduce stress, prevent work related injuries and promote health and well being. What could be simpler than having a massage therapist regularly looking after your staff?

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Lindsay directly by email info@lmmassage.co.uk or by calling 07766 526 110.


*CIPD annual absence management survey 2008